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Tyne and Wear HER(2139): North Eastern Railway, Blyth and Tyne Section - Details

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N Tyneside

North Eastern Railway, Blyth and Tyne Section




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This was a highly complex network of railway lines branching from the North Eastern Railway Blyth and Tyne system at Northumberland Dock. The line ran to the staiths in the Albert Edward Dock (HER ref. 2147). A branch from this line to the south was HER ref. 2201. Built between 1872 and 1919, this system eventually comprised over 90 track miles in an area of 620 acres. The area was reshaped to allow gravity working - i.e. without locomotives. Passenger services began to the dock in 1891. In the period 1920-45 up to 15 locomotives were working there at any one time.




<< HER 2139 >> 2nd edition Ordnance Survey map, 1899, 6 inch scale, Northumberland, 89, SE Specialist Conservation Team, Newcastle City Council, 1990, The Albert Edward Dock, North Shields

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