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Hadrian's Wall, Milecastle 9 (Chapel House)

Chapel House



Frontier Defence




Demolished Building

The existence of a milecastle on Chapel House farm was noted by Horsley, but its position was only definitely located in 1928 by the North of England Excavation Committee. The southern two-thirds was excavated by E. Birley in 1929, the rest being under the road, and the north gate was recorded in 1951. This was a long-axis milecastle, with internal dimensions of 60 feet north-south and 48 feet 10 inches east-west. The outer walls had been severely robbed, but more remained of the north gate. Three periods of occupation were suggested by Birley (broadly: second, third & fourth centuries). On the strength of a coin of Valentinian (364-375A.D.) it is thought that this milecastle was occupied for as long as the Wall was in use. The Milecastle was further evaluated by English Heritage in August 1999 to investigate the condition of the remains and their vulnerability to cultivation. The footings of the milecastle were 3.16 metres thick and the wall core made up of sandstone rubble faced with sandstone blocks. The wall of an interior building was found surviving to three courses, a height of 880 metres. There was a paved surface of sandstone slabs around the south-east corner of the milecastle and 4.65 metres to the east of the milecastle was a ditch. The milecastle was found to have been built onto a series of strata at least 450 metres deep, perhaps a building platform constructed in preparation for the milecastle, or representing early Roman or prehistoric occupation. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE




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