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N Tyneside

Murton, Smithy




Metal Workers Workshop

Blacksmiths Workshop

Early Modern


Extant Building

This smithy, shown on the 2nd edition Ordnance Survey plan was part of the coaching inn called The Traveller's Rest, which no longer exists. The smithy was still in use in 1991, shoeing horses. It is a brick-built building made of hand-made bricks with an entrance via double doors. The roof is of slate. On the forecourt outside the smithy is a large stone tyre fitting ring let into the ground, used for fitting the red-hot tyres onto the wooden rims of the cart and waggon wheels. The original floor was constructed of hand-made bricks set on edge into sand. There are two hearths, both of brick, with canopies and chimneys over them. Lewis Dunn was the first recorded blacksmith here, in 1834. He was also the innkeeper at the adjoining Traveller's Rest Inn, long ago demolished.




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