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Tyne and Wear HER(218): Hadrian's Wall, Walbottle Dene to City boundary (Wall mile 10 - Details

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Hadrian's Wall, Walbottle Dene to City boundary (Wall mile 10




Frontier Defence



Demolished Building

The curtain wall appears to have lain under north edge of the road west of Milecastle 10 to Walbottle Dene, from which point it turned 20 degrees to the south. In 1864 a long stretch of the Wall in this location was removed during road realignment. West of the Dene the Wall runs under the south pavement of the main road. The Vallum can be traced in and out of the Dene. It was sectioned in 1980 in Woodside Avenue (NZ 1612 6679) and shows as slight earthworks in the fields south of the road, west of Throckley Bank Top. The Military Way was not found in the 1980 excavation. Turret 10b has not been found (approx. position thought to be 1552 6685) and Milecastle 11, supposedly seen by MacLauchlan, was not found in 1928 on the south side of the main road west of Throckley Bank Top, or in subsequent investigations in the vicinity in 1929, 1959 and 1983. Recently, a section of Wall was recorded in Hexham Road/Coach Road in 2001 and a section of curtain wall foundation and a cippi pit found in 2003 outside Throckley Middle School. A whole complex of these defensive pits, which are thought to have held entanglements of sharpened branches to act like barbed wire, were recorded there in 2002. A concentration of Roman pottery was also recorded, probably discarded from turret 11b, along with a metalled road surface, probably representing a road to milecastle 11, and prehistoric ard-marks, a ditch and gullies. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE




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