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Tyne and Wear HER(219): Hadrian's Wall, Turret 10a (Callerton Road or Throckley East) - Details

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Hadrian's Wall, Turret 10a (Callerton Road or Throckley East)




Frontier Defence




Demolished Building

Turret 10a was discovered in 1928 on the south side of the main road, within the recently developed Newburn UDC housing area, on the east corner of Callerton Road. It was partly excavated at this time, and its distance west of Milecastle 10 given as 443 yards (Note that the Ordnance Survey plan gives this distance as 509 yards). It was re-excavated in 1980, and was found to have been much damaged by the insertion of various services, but two courses of wall, 3 feet thick above the footings, usually survived. The turret measured 13 feet 6 inches north-south, and 13 feet 9 inches east-west, had an entrance at the south-east corner, and retained traces of an internal platform. It went out of use in the mid-2nd century, but was not demolished then, though it may have been demolished in the Roman period. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT AND UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE




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