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Tyne and Wear HER(2217): Backworth, Hotspur Brickworks - Details

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N Tyneside

Backworth, Hotspur Brickworks




Brick and Tilemaking Site


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Hotspur Brickworks, adjacent to Backworth Colliery 'C' Pit (HER ref. 1057). H. Foster and Company were making firebricks here in 1877 and probably also earthenware. The most important period seems to have been in the 1930s when the site had 4 tunnel dryers, 3 Belgian and 20 Newcastle kilns, making Foster High Grade bricks and Foster Crown refactory bricks. After 1945 domestic brick production ceased and the works became an international exporter of refactory bricks for lining blast furnaces and ships' boilers. The works were taken over in 1955 by General Refactories Ltd., with fireclay being brought in from a variety of places including Blaydon Burn and Backworth Eccles pit. Mining subsidence forced closure in 1967.




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