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S Tyneside

Hebburn, Hawthorn Leslie Shipyard




Marine Construction Site


Early Modern



This iron shipbuilding yard and boiler works was opened on an open piece of ground at Hebburn by R.W. Hawthorn, Leslie and Company Ltd in 1853. By the time of Leslie's retirement in 1885, the yard had produced 255 ships, totalling more than 300,000 tons. In 1886, the yard was merged with Hawthorns, becoming Hawthorn-Leslie and Co. Ltd. The yard began producing warships in 1895 and was refitted from 1902-1912, with new berths, slips and cranes. During World War One and World War Two the output of the yard was a mixture of warships and merchant vessels, including the Aircraft Carrier Triumph in 1946. Post-war production was again a mixture of merchant and naval craft. In 1968, the yard became a part of Swan Hunter and Tyne Shipbuilders Ltd. And in 1977 was nationalized as a member company of British Shipbuilders, and put on a "care and maintenance" basis in November 1982 and reopened by Cammel Lairds in the 1990s, but went into receivership in Summer 2001. The site contains the oldest surviving graving dock on the river, and a number of Listed Buildings, including the Hawthorn Leslie Offices , a late nineteenth century cast iron drinking fountain, and a 1920s clock tower building. LISTED GRADE 2




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