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Tyne and Wear HER(2394): West Harton, Harton (and Whitburn) Colliery - Details

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S Tyneside

West Harton, Harton (and Whitburn) Colliery

West Harton



Coal Mining Site


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Harton Colliery. This was linked to a railway (HER 2332) by a wagonway (HER 2395). Opened in 1844, closed 25 July 1969. Owners were (1850s) W. Blackett, N. Wood, Anderson and Philipson, later Harton and Hilda Coal Company, then Harton Coal Co, and from 1947 the National Coal Board. In July 1844 the Bensham seam was reached at a depth of 1290 feet - the greatest depth in the Tyne district at that time. The shaft was single, but divided into two by a timber brattice. Cast-iron tubbing was required due to a fault which extended to a length of 474 feet. Whellan, in 1894, reported that Harton was one of the deepest mines. In 1854 it was the scene of the famous pendulum experiments by Astromer Royal, Sir George Buddell Airey.




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