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Tyne and Wear HER(2439): South Shields, J P Rennoldson and Sons Shipyard - Details

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S Tyneside

South Shields, J P Rennoldson and Sons Shipyard

South Shields



Marine Construction Site


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

This shipbuilding yard is shown on the 2nd edition Ordnance Survey plan to occupy part of the site of an earlier yard (HER ref. 2334), but it is not clear whether this represents continuity of use. This is probably the site of J.P. Rennoldson and Sons, established in 1863 at an existing timber building yard. From the 1870s they built iron ships and in 1890 the yard was rebuilt for paddle and screw tugs. By 1916 there were four berths, the largest 230 feet long. The yard was closed following financial failure in 1929. On the second edition Ordnance Survey plan of 1899 Rennoldsons’s Yard is the only yard occupied on the Lawe. The slipway is shown at the centre of the yard and an extensive building lay along the eastern boundary of the site, presumably Rennoldson’s Engine shop. The location of building berths is not indicated.




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