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Tyne and Wear HER(2449): Harton Coal Company Railway (Templetown waggonway) - Details

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S Tyneside

Harton Coal Company Railway (Templetown waggonway)

South Shields



Railway Transport Site


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

The Templetown Wagonway/Harton Coal Company Railway ran between Templetown Colliery (HER 2450) and the Harton and St. Hilda's Drops on the line of the earlier Templetown Wagonway. Along with other elements of the system, this line was electrified in 1908. The original wagonway probably opened in 1810 when the Colliery opened. Bell (1843) shows the waggonway running south-west and joining with the waggonway from Manor Wallsend Colliery and then on to Manor Wallsend Staiths. Section from Hilda Hole mineral sidings to Harton High Staith (HER 2236) dismantled. The poles for carrying the overhead electricity wires are still in place.




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