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Burdon village





Shrunken village

Early Medieval


Documentary Evidence

The early documents do not distinguish clearly between the modern Burdon and Old Burdon, and the assumption that Burdon is the principal settlement could be wrong. The earliest reference, to a single "Birden", is thought to be c. 930, when it was listed as one of the appendages of South Wearmouth in King Athelstan's gift to the see of Durham. It is described with Ryhope in the 12th century Boldon Buke and later contained 16 free and 8 bond tenants, a mill and probably a chapel. By the 17th century East Burdon Leaseholds consisted of 4 tenements and 2 1.5 tenements. In 1840 there were 12 farms in the whole township, some in the village. Early maps suggest a central east-west row of buildings hadwas removed between 1840 and 1860. Whelan's directory of 1856 states that Burdon township is principally the property of John Gregson, former lord of the manor, and John Brough, The area of the township is 1109 acres. The population in 1801 was 69, in 1811 it was 107, in 1821 it was 149, in 1831 it was 162, in 1841 it was 114 and in 1851 it was 123. The township was formerly held by the Burdon family, but they never passed the rank of yeoman. The village of Burdon is situated on an eminence 4 miles south-west of Sunderland. The inhabitants of Burdon included Mrs Elizabeth Gregson at Burdon House, James Septimus Robinson, a solicitor, his wife (presumably) Dinah and son, Thomas Robinson, at Tunstall Lodge, Thomas Bolton at Thristley House, Edmund Dobson at Pacific Hall, and Richard Tweddell at Burn Hall.




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