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Great Eppleton village

Great Eppleton




Shrunken village



Documentary Evidence

The earliest known documentary reference to "Eplinden" is from 1273. At some point in the 13th century Ralph de Epplyndon granted land and the right to grind at the mill there to Kepier Hospital, and in 1340 the manor of "Applynden" was held by the service of one third of a knight's fee. In 1391 the property passed to the Herons of Ford, and in the 16th century the manor was divided, with about half the manor beig sold to the Shadforths In 1618. In the 1660s Little Eppleton or Eppleton Field House occurs as part of the manor settled by Thomas Shadforth on the marriage of his son. By the early 19th century Great Eppleton had been reduced to 4 tenements and by about 1860 it seems to have consisted of one farm, "Great Eppleton", and Eppleton Hall with a park. Today it consists of two farms. Recent archaeological investigations failed to find secure evidence for medieval building remains.




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