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Monkwearmouth, Stobart Street, Clark's Foundry





Iron Foundry

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Clark's Foundry (Iron). This was located on the south side of Stobart Street. It is shown on the 25 inch OS map, dominating the eastern half of the street. It comprised a range of buildings and yards. The central block was occupied by a smithy, suggesting the production of both wrought and cast goods. Adjoining the works to the east was a Fitting Shop, adjacent to Kingfisher Road. The furnace and boiler were located on the north side of the complex. The business seems to have been short lived. In 1871 a George Clark is listed as the proprietor of Monkwearmouth Engine Works on Bloomfields Street (HER 16292) on a list of members of the Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers. This may suggest that operations were refocused on the engine works at a relatively early date and the Stobart Road foundry was sold. The complex is much smaller on the OS second edition of 1895. A substantial part of the smithy associated with Clark's Foundry survives. The two-storey building survives to full height, constructed of rubble stone with handmade brick window and door surrounds. Fragments of related walls and structures were also visible in the vicinity.




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