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Gateshead, Roman road from Chester-le-Street




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Documentary Evidence

It has been generally agreed since the 18th century that a Roman road connected Newcastle Chester-le-Street with a bridge across the Tyne. Two stretches are thought to lie under existing roads: Durham Road through Birtley and Old Durham Road - High Street - Bottle Bank through Gateshead. Between these stretches, in open country, Wright located it in 3 places in 1938-9. At NZ 2714 5695, beside the Coach and Horses public house, he found a raised causeway suggesting there had been a bridge over Leyburnhold Gill; at NZ 2707 5835 (the garden of 15 Chambers Crescent) he obtained a cross-section of the easter 8 feet of the road; at NZ 2704 5876 the road was 17 feet 6 inches wide, and built in 3 layers of 6 inch and 8 inch grade sandstone blocks.




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