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Moorsley village (High Moorsley)





Shrunken village



Documentary Evidence

Moreslawe was first mentioned in the 12th century when there was one grant (perhaps 2) of land there to the prior and convent of Durham. In 1345/6 there were 10 tenants holding between them 12 tofts with acreages ranging from 4-32, but in 1539 and 1580 there were just 3 tenants, all paying the same rent. In early 19th century plan shows little change, but there had been expansion by the mid 19th century, with 2 terraces typical of mining settlements being built in the south-east quarter. The village seems to have comkprises a wide green or street with one farm on the north, 2 farms and 3 smallholdings on south, a lane coming in from the west and a road out to Hetton on the east. Very little of this layout survives.




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