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Morton village (Morton Grange)

Morton Grange




Shrunken village



Documentary Evidence

With 16 farmers holding 25 oxgangs (each of 12 acres) this was a substantial village in the late 12th century. By c. 1380 5 bond tenants held a total of 14 messuages and 22 bovates (each of 12 acres). perhaps suggesteing some shrinkage by then. In the early 15th century the manor of Morton was held by the Lumleys; in the late 15th century the bishop leased it to Richard Errington; and in 1525 Wolsey leased the manor and grange to Richard Belasyse, while Sir Richard Belasis held the "Manor Farme or Towne of Morton" in 1647. In the late 17th or early 18th century the estate was sold to John Lambton. Today it is a single farm, with a large stone farmhouse and some unimpressive farm buildings.




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