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Gateshead Borough








Documentary Evidence

There are possible documentary references to Gateshead in 653 A.D. and 1080, but there was certainly a settlement there when Bishop Puiset granted Gateshead a charter in the 1180s. By that time the borough had mills, fisheries and bakehouses. The east part of the township was the bishop's park, the south was the Fell or waste; the forest in much of the rest was cleared for cultivation, with parts already sold off to create private estates. The inhabited part was small in the medieval period - Pipewellgate and Hillgate along the river on either side of the bridge, Oakwellgate on the east edge of the town, and Bottle Bank/Fore Street (site of the market) running south along the old Roman road. The medieval burgage pattern survived into the 19th century at least, except in Oakwellgate which may never have had it.




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