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Newcastle, Barras Bridge, possible cemetery



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Funerary site

Human Remains


Documentary Evidence

The antiquarian writer, Bourne suggests that the Maudlin-Barrows are the tombs of those that died of leprosy, and he and others site the burial ground in 'Sick-Man's Close' on the north side of Barras Bridge. A later writer, Mackenzie equated 'Sick-Man's Close' with St. James' Close (now the site of the Hancock Museum and terraces to the north as far as Park Terrace), and reported that great quantities of human bones had been found during building operations there. However, a 1732 map of the hospital lands shows 'Sick Mens Close' where Brandling village is now, and 'Dead Men's Graves' on the site of the 19th century All Saints Cemetery.




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