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Tyne and Wear HER(302): Sheddon's Hill and Blackham's, Mesolithic flints - Details

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Gateshead and Sunderland

Sheddon's Hill and Blackham's, Mesolithic flints




Artefact Scatter

Flint Scatter




Surface finds of worked flint were made by G. Coupland in c.1923; H. Preston in c.1933; and possibly others. Wymer lists 281 finds from Coupland's sites, as follows: Sheddons Hill - 1 microlith (in Museum of Antiquities), 5 blades/flakes, 1 graver, 1 other, 1 microlith, 1 micro-burin (in Hancock Museum); Black Fell - 139 blades/flakes, 3 scrapers, 15 microliths, 8 micro-burins (location unknown); 5 blades/flakes (in Museum of Antiquities), 87 blades/flakes, 2 scrapers, 8 microliths, 4 micro-burins (in Sunderland Museum). Miket reports a total of 421 being found c.1923, of which only c.100 survive, presumably those listed above as being in Sunderland Museum.




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