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Tyne and Wear HER(3077): Lambton Railway (Earl of Scarborough's waggonway) - Details

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Lambton Railway (Earl of Scarborough's waggonway)




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Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

The northern terminus of this line was at the Low Lambton and Blackfell Staiths (HER ref. numbers 3076 and 3061, respectively) from where it ran southwards into County Durham (the border between the two counties being regarded as its southern terminus for the purposes of the Historic Environment Record). In 1812 John Nesham invested in a new line with iron rails from his Newbottle pits to Sunderland where the wagons could be unloaded directly into the colliery ships. The line through Penshaw was remained in use until the final closure of the Lambton Railway, along with New Herrington Colliery (the 'New Pit') in 1985, which marked the end of coal mining in the vicinity of Penshaw.




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