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Londonderry Railway




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The Londonderry Railway from Painshaw Foundry (HER ref. 3110) to coal staiths on the Wear (HER ref. 3084) opened in 1831 and, like the Hetton Railway, breasted Warden Law on its way to its destination. The whole of the line from Rainton to Seaham was closed in November 1896. The remains of the former engine house (HER ref. 2977) survive at Warden Law. The Londonderry line is interesting for the history of its development and as the only line built to run to the sea. Its origins lay in the problems the 3rd Marquis of Londonderry was experiencing in not only getting his coal to the Wear but also in the punative duties levied by the river authorities, as a result of which Londonderry developed his own port at Seaham and constructed a rope hauled inclined railway to carry his coals there.




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