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Tyne and Wear HER(3127): Newbottle Colliery, Success Pit - Details

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Newbottle Colliery, Success Pit




Coal Mining Site


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Success Pit was connected to the Lambton Railway by a Wagonway, (SMR 3131). Newbottle Colliery was opened in 1816 and closed in 1956. There were several other pits - Dolly Pit (sunk in 1811), Dorothea Pit (HER 3123), Margaret Pit (HER 3126) and Elizabeth Pit (HER 3136). The colliery was opened by the Nesham family, then taken over in 1819 by the Earl of Durham, and in 1896 by Lambton Colleries Ltd, then Lambton, Hetton and Joicey Colleries Ltd and from 1947 by the National Coal Board. The colleries were linked by 18 miles of private railways. There were several disasters - an explosion on 2 June 1815 killed 57, a boiler burst on 7 August 1815, killing 11. There were explosions on 19 October 1821 (killed 6 miners), 19 November 1824 (killed 11) and 15 June 1832 (killed 12).




<< HER 3127 >> 1st edition Ordnance Survey Map, c.1855, 6 inch scale, Durham, 13; Durham Mining Museum,; Whellan, 1894, Directory of County Durham

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