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West Herrington village

West Herrington




Shrunken village



Documentary Evidence

There were eventually three Herringtons, and until they came to be described separately it is impossible to be sure which is being referred to. Two Herringtons were mentioned in the late 11th century, and two parts of Herrington in Boldon Buke (a survey of land belonging to the Bishop of Durham, Hugh du Puiset) in the late 12th century, but whether these should be regarded as East and Middle Herrington or East and West Herrington, is unclear. West Herrington is explicitly mentioned in the early 14th century. Though the shape, an irregular two-row plan with green, survives, many of the houses have been rebuilt fairly recently. West of the modern village is modern development stretching to New Herrington, but to the east, on the end of the ridge, there are fine earthworks, principally ridge and furrow, but also a few possible house platforms.




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