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Garesfield Wagonway

Derwent Haugh





Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

The northern terminus of the Garesfield Wagonway was probably at Garesfield Staith (HER ref. 3461), but on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey plan it appears to stop just short. Its southern end was at Garesfield Colliery A Pit (HER ref. 3372). The line was first opened in 1801 by the Bute, Hertford and Simpson Agents. It was redesigned in 1819 by George Stephenson and George Hill, at which time it only reached as far west as the Garesfield Number 4 pit (HER ref. 3374). It was extended to High Spen in 1850 and Chopwell in 1891, having been sold to the Consett Iron Company in 1889. A new stretch of line from Winlaton Mill to Derwenthaugh opened in 1902 (begun 1897). In 1960 working at Chopwell ceased and the line was thereafter in use only between Winlaton Mill and Derwenthaugh for Derwenthaugh Coke Works. Precursors of this line were Ridley's Thornley Wagonway (1717) and the East Winlaton Wagonway (1700). Remains of the line survive at various points, such as at circa NZ 1526 5988 in the woods east of High Spen, where a wagonway cutting survives, now used as a public footpath.




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