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Tyne and Wear HER(350): Offerton, well of St. Cuthbert - Details

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Offerton, well of St. Cuthbert



Water Supply and Drainage

Water Storage Site



Documentary Evidence

The inclusion of this well, and the associated chapel (HER no. 349), on the HER depends solely on a single reference in an "antient deed" in the possession of the 19th century antiquarian John Hodgson, and cited by him in a footnote. "An antient which William Basset conveyed to John de Staindrop, called the Coroner, a messuage and lands in Offerton, in the county of Durham, mentions 'the chapel of the blessed Cuthbert in Vfferton', and 'the well of St.Cuthbert' in that village". There is no trace on the ground and no local tradition for the well.




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