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Gateshead, Tyne Soap Manufactory




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Tyne Soap Manufactory. Anthony Clapham, a Quaker, moved his soap factory from Ballast Hills to Friar's Goose in 1827, following continuous prosecutions for causing a public nuisence - the reclamation of black ash from the soap lees made a disagreeable smell. The movement of the works to Friar's Goose effectively opened out the South Shore to Bill Quay, establishing the largest area of chemical works in the district. Soap manufacture was in progress here from 1829 and soda manufacture from 1831. Clapham's Chimney (HER 5598) was built after this date. By 1839 an educational society and library had been added to the complex. In 1852 the factory was bought by Gray and Crowe to make bicarbonate of soda and Epsom Salts. It was sold at auction to Jarrow Alkali Works in 1858 and both were taken over by United Alkali in 1891.




<< HER 3515 >> 1st edition Ordnance Survey Map, c.1855, 6 inch scale, Durham, 3

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