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Tyne and Wear HER(354): Washington Old Hall - Details

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Washington Old Hall





Manor House

Post Medieval


Extant Building

The first William of Washington took this surname on his exchange of lands at Hartburn before 1183 with Bishop Puiset. Heirs of the Washington family sold the manor in 1613 to Bishop James for his youngest son. The central block of the house merely represents the medieval hall, but the west (kitchen) wing retains medieval arches of 12th or 13th century origin. The house was largely rebuilt in the 17th century to provide a 2-storeyed wing at each end of the hall, attics above, a south stair turret, and perhaps a north entrance porch. Further alterations in were made in 1792, particularly in the east wing. In the 19th century it was divided into tenements and in 1937 condemned and vacated. In the 1950s' restoration there was considerable renewal of stonework and insertion of foreign features. LISTED GRADE 1. Said to be haunted by a female wearing a long grey dress who 'glides' along the upper floor accompanied by the smell of lavender. A ghostly women is also said to have been seen weeping throughout the hall {Kirkup 2009}.




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