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Bill Quay, Bottle Works

Bill Quay



Glassmaking Site

Bottle Works

Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

The Bill Quay Glasshouse was founded in 1694 and used as a bottle house in 1737. A Mr Broome was said to be glassmaker here in 1697. In 1758 Joseph Airey and Company (including several Cooksons) were in possession of the Bill Quay works. Sir Benjamin Rawling was the landlord until he offered the lease for sale in 1771. In 1777 Robert Dodds was the agent, but the glassmakers are not known. In 1811 and 1833 Cookson and Co. were in possession. An 1801 plan in the Bell Collection (in Gateshead Public Library) shows one glass cone, but early 19th century expansion increased the number to four, demolished in 1883 to make way for Wood Skinner's shipyard. A detailed 1802 plan of the cone and associated buildings, whose functions are named, gives this site added significance. The precise location of Bill Quay Bottle Works is unclear on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey plan.




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