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Tyne and Wear HER(3626): Monkwearmouth, River Wear, Monkwearmouth Lime kilns - Details

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Monkwearmouth, River Wear, Monkwearmouth Lime kilns





Lime Kiln

Early Modern



A substantial bank of disused lime kilns, with 25 access and draw arches, along a 328feet (100 metresetre) frontage. They are constructed of brick, sandstone and magnesian limestone. One block near the western end is dated 1872, another at the east end, 1821. These kilns are on the site of the Wear Lime Works (HER ref. 2697) which received its lime from the quarries at Fulwell. The earliest, at the westernend, were built 1821, the latest dated set is 1872. Seven phases of construction have been identified, illustrating a marked evolution of architectural design and scale of production. The west end consists of a heavily buttressed bank of two kilns of randomly coursed sandstone masonry built into a cliff of sandstone. Next to it are three banks of kilns consisting of roughly coursed random sandstone masonry. A brick-built battery of kilns with four blocked segmental arches, external girders and tie bars extends further to the east, the upper part showing a considerable rebuilding phase.The east end includes a very large battery of well-dressed and coursed sandstone masonry with 12 blocked arches and one high central arch of unknown function. Each building phase butts the previous kiln battery forming a continuous faƧade. A chute can be seen which passes through the block from above, perhaps for delivering ready burned lime, or limestone arriving at the kilns from Fulwell. The site has major local historical significance and iconic value. LISTED GRADE 2




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