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North Biddick village

North Biddick




Deserted Settlement



Documentary Evidence

Since it is not clear in Boldon Buke (1183 survey of land belonging to the Bishop of Durham, Hugh du Puiset) which of the Biddicks, North or South, is meant, the first certain reference to North Biddick is in Hatfield's Survey in the 14th century, where it is described as a vill held by William de Hilton by one-sixth part of a knight's fee and 53s 4d p.a. By the 15th century the "manor of Bydick near Washington" belonged to the Hilton family of Hilton Castle, and remained with them into the 18th century. On the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map (c. 1860) North Biddick is the settlement on the bank of the Wear beside Worm Hill.




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