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Barmston village





Deserted Settlement



Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference to a settlement at Bermeston is 1323, when it was held by Robert lord of Hylton. In a document of 1448 the manor consisted of the site of the mansion worth nothing, 27 messuages each worth 12d rent, 2 husbandlands of 20 acres each, 24 oxgangs each of 10 acres, each acre worth 6d rent, 10 score and 2.5 acres of arable land, each acre worth 4d, 16 acres meadow each worth 12d, 2 acres pasture, 2d each, a park of 90 acres, worth 4d each, 2 water mills, worth nothing due to dereliction, and 21s 1d rent. The estate was sold in 1669, and passed after 1700 to the Vane Tempest family. The site of the village is unknown. Between 1840 and Washington New Town the township just contained the 3 farms of High, Middle and Low Barmston.




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