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Tyne and Wear HER(3713): Marleyhill Wagonway - Details

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Marleyhill Wagonway






Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Historic Ordnance Survey map evidence shows the line of the Marleyhill Wagonway.




<< HER 3713 >> 1st edition Ordnance Survey Map, c.1855, 6 inch scale, Durham, 6 G. Bennett, E. Clavering & A. Rounding, 1990, A Fighting Trade - Rail Transport in Tyne Coal 1600-1800 Northern Catholic History, 15, 10 Gateshead Library Local Studies, GPL G/CP 1/145 Durham Records Office, D/CG 16/1706 40, 60, 95, 106, 116, 130 Gateshead Library Local Studies, GPL G/CK 1/59 and GPL G/CK 1/66 Waggonways on South Bank of Tyne, Durham Records Office, D/St/P17/2 Plan of the Colleries on the Rivers Tyne and Wear, Gateshead Library Local Studies, GPL CAB A1/10 W. Casson, 1801, Plan showing Colleries and Waggonways on the rivers Tyne and Wear, Gateshead Library Local Studies, GPL CAB A1/4 R.L. Galloway, 1898, of Coal Mining and the Coal Trade, volume 1, p 373 pp 373-4 Waggonways and Railways of North-West Durham, Durham Records Office, D/CG 6/1435 J.T.W. Bell, 1843, The Great Northern Coalfield, 2nd series Dunstan Staiths and Waggonways, c.1810, Gateshead Library Local Studies, GPL BP 1/83 1723, Northbanks and proposed Tanfield Ways, 28 April 1723, Gateshead Library Local Studies, GPL CP/1/140 1742, Tanfield Moor Wagonways, Durham Records Office D/XP 14, Northumberland Records Office 960 1745, Waggonways in Beckley and Andrew's House c.1745, Durham Records Office, D/Bo/G 34 (iii) 1810, East and West Shield Row, 1810, Durham Records Office, D/Bo/G34 (xlii) Catch Pit, Hutton Colliery Waggonway, mid 18th century, Durham Records Office, D/St/P13/4 1761, Tanfield Moor c.1729 - 1761, Northumberland Records Office, 17/197C 64, Gateshead Library Local Studies, GPL CAB A 1788, The Western and Tanfield Waggonways, Northumberland Records Office, 309M 231 Northumberland Records Office, 725/F2 268 Newcastle University Library, Misc 10 183-6 Northumberland Records Office, 309 Eng Rep, 24 780 Northumberland Records Office, NEIMME GA Minutes, vol 20, 107 Public Records Office, Chancery Lane, London, 18th century, 1081/16 Eng Rep, 22 611 Durham Records Office, D/CG 7/236-335 Northumberland Records Office, NEIMME Johnson, vol 2 1, vol 3 1 Durham Records Office, D/St B1/23/5 Northumberland Records Office, Buddle 14 251 et seq (fuller) Publications of the Surtees Society, 178 226 Durham Records Office, D/St B1/23/5 35 Thom Pit accounts A. Williams, 2004, A Fighting Trade - Review and mapping of routes; unpublished document for Tyne & Wear Heritage Environment Record

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