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Sheriff Hill, Sheriff Hill Pottery

Sheriff Hill



Pottery Manufacturing Site

Pottery Works

Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

Sheriff Hill Pottery stood on the corner of Old Durham Road and Pottersway (formerly Pottery Lane) almost facing the Old Cannon Inn. It was established in 1771 by Paul Jackson of Newcastle, with a shop on the Quay. By 1775 he had brought his wares "to great perfection" - including cream coloured, enamelled, fine black, gilded, spotted and brown wares and heavier household utensils. He died in 1787 and was succeeded by his sons William and Collingwood Forster Jackson, joint owners 1787-1790, with a shop in Pilgrim Street. William died in 1798 and C.F. Jackson took over in 1801, selling the business by 1811. A directory of 1847 gives Thomas Patterson as being at Sheriff Hill. He manufactured pink lustreware with simple cottage designs. Thomas Patterson had previously had a pottery at Heworth Shore (SMR 5279). His successor at Sheriff Hill may have been George Patterson. The firm had a second address (exporting depot?) at Three Indian Kings Court, Quayside. The firm made sponged, painted and printed earthenware, brown ware, lustreware plates and dolls tea sets, Willow pattern plates and dinner services. They are mentioned in directories until 1892. There were 50 employees, many of them housed in a row of cottages adjoining the Old Cannon. It closed in 1909. The pottery was demolished in the 1920s to make way for council houses.




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