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Tyne and Wear HER(4021): Newcastle, Nuns Moor, Clay Pit - Details

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Newcastle, Nuns Moor, Clay Pit




Clay Extraction Site

Clay Pit

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

A Clay Pit which is not shown on the 2nd edition OS mapping, so was out of use by 1895. The remains of this opencast pit are situated on the northern fringes of the mining subsidence that covers this part of the Moor. It consists of a number of scoops and hollows which so closely resemble the subsidence that it is impossible from the field evidence alone to identify the site. The nearest brick making works in 1864 was at New Mills at the south end of Barracj Road; it is shown to have its own quarries, however the clay mined on the Moor may also have been supplying it.




<< HER 4021 >> 1st edition Ordnance Survey map, 1864, 6 inch scale, Northumberland, 88 RCHME, 1995, Town Moor, Newcastle upon Tyne, Archaeological Survey Report, p 30

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