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Ravensworth, The Trench



Water Supply and Drainage


Water Channel

Post Medieval



The Trench was part of a scheme by Sir Thomas Liddell to drain several hundred acres of the Team Valley and Ravensworth. It was a long and circuituous leat, approximately 3km in length, constructed for Sir Thomas Liddell to provide sufficient water to power pumps at the coalmill (HER ref. 1663 ). It followed the 225 foot contour and powered three water wheels which in turn drove a battery of pumps in interlinked shafts. The deepest shaft was c.460 feet (128 metres). The whole system was recorded in 1672 by George Sinclair. The Trench also provided water for Cowclose Mill (HER ref. 3775). The locations of the shafts and wheels are not shown on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey plan. The Trench was fed from the Black Burn, which bounded the Ravensworth estate to the north. It now serves as a field drain for most of its length and has been partly recut. An associated rectangular holding pond is now mostly dry.




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