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Byker, Byker Bottle Works




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Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

St. Peter's bottle works was erected c.1815 by William Row Junior in partnership with his father. During the 1820s ownership may have continued under William Row Snr. or may have been leased to Richard Lambert who appears in directories of 1825 and 1827. In 1830 the glass works passed into the hand of Thomas Ridley whose brother John owned the North Tyne Glass Company also at St. Peters. The Ridley brothers owned both of the bottle works at St.Peters until 1843 when one (possibly this one, the older one) was advertised for sale. In 1845 St Peter's Glass Houses were owned by Robert Gothard's executors and occupied by Ridley Brothers. The works closed c.1861. By the 1890s the works had been demolished and replaced by a Chemical Manure Works.




<< HER 4173 >> 1st edition Ordnance Survey Map, 1864, 6 inch scale, Northumberland, 97; The Archaeological Practice Ltd., 2015, Anglo-Swedish Engineering Ltd. Glasshouse Street, Byker - Archaeological Assessment; Byker Tithe Plan, 1845, NRO DT81M

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