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East Brunton, Wagonway

East Brunton





Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

This branch line, alternatively known as Fawdon Railway, was built in the 1890s to make use of two existing historic lines. To link the older sections of the Brunton and Shields Railway and the old Coxlodge Railway a new stretch of line was constructed from a point east of Jubilee Pit of Coxlodge Colliery to a point just south of West Brunton. The Fawdon Railway began at Gosforth, making a junction with the Blyth and Tyne, ran along the route of the old Coxlodge Wagonway until it reached the start of the new section from where it linked into the old Brunton and Shields to join the seaton Burn Wagonway near Dinnington Colliery, which it followed to staiths at Wallsend. It was constructed by Burradon and Coxlodge Coal Company following the closure of the old Coxlodge route in 1885. An evaluation in 2009 on the line of the waggonway at NZ 2254 7026 revealed that the waggonway had been truncated by a farm access track. Only the lower part of a northern trackside ditch and a possible foundation layer remained in-siu at a deoth of 1.9m bgl.




<< HER 4241 >> 2nd edition Ordnance Survey map, 1898, 6 inch scale, Northumberland, 88, NW I. Ayris, 1988, Fawdon Railway; Tyne and Wear Museums, 2009, Fawdon Waggonway, Newcastle Great Park - Archaeological Evaluation

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