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N.E.R. Scotswood, Newburn and Wylam




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Early Modern



In the late 1860s when the Tyne Ironworks, Spencer's steel works, Lemington Glass Works and other industries in Newburn were in full production, and collieries were working at Walbottle, Heddon and Throckley, the prospects of building a railway from Scotswood to North Wylam linking with the existing Newcastle - Carlisle Railway at each end, were examined. Industrialists needed an improved system of transport and joined forces to promote the scheme for the development of a public railway designed to serve their interests as well as possible new housing development in the Tyne Valley west of Newcastle. The original scheme, authorised by the Scotswood, Newburn and Wylam Railway and Dock Act of 1871 also included the construction of a new dock due of the old Scotswood Suspension Bridge, but this part of the scheme was abandoned mainly due to problems of dredging. Construction of the line between Scotswood and Newburn was started in 1872 and completed in July 1875, with the extension to Wylam being opened as a single line in 1876. A second track was laid later that year. The western part of the line reused the line of the Wylam Wagonway. This route had become largely redundant by the late 1960s and the line into Newcastle on the east was closed in 1982. Since then lines and trackside buildings have all been removed. Surviving features were recorded in 2008 including the bridges of the approach to Scotswood Station and walled-up tunnel portals on the North Wylam Line. {5}




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