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Heaton, Shields Road, Heaton Works (C.A. Parsons & Co. Ltd)




Industrial Building


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

This was the Heaton Works of Charles A. Parsons, which were built in 1889 for the development and manufacture of steam turbines and high-speed electrical plant. At that time the works covered about two acres and consisted of a single workshop with small pattern shop, smithy, test house and office, manned by 48 staff. With a rising demand for turbo-generators, the works were soon enlarged. In 1894 Parsons established a separate organisation later to be known as The Parsons Marine Steam Turbine Co. Ltd. To apply the turbine to ship propulsion. Parsons built the first turbine-propelled ship "Turbinia". There was a public demonstration of the ship at the Naval Review at Spithead in June 1897 for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Turbine propulsion was soon fully accepted by the admiralty and the steam turbine was adopted for all large power stations. Sir Charles Parsons died in 1931. By this time the Heaton Works had expanded to an area of 25 acres and employed 1800 people. By 1964 the company employed 8000 people.




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