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Gateshead, Tyne Glass Company




Glassmaking Site

Glass Works

Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

A number of buidings are shown on this site, labled South Shore, on Hutton's 1772 map. A building also appears on this site on Oliver's 1832 map and is named as a glass factory on Oliver's 1844 map. Other records suggest that there were three 18th century glasshouses in this vicinity - Salt Meadows Bottle House, South Shore Flint Glasshouse and Tyne Glass Works - but the connection between them in unclear. "Tyne Glass Works [C. Attwood]" is shown on Wood’s Plan of Newcastle of 1827. The earliest predecessor of these works was probably the Salt Meadows Bottle-house, first mentioned in 1753 and possibly built by Joseph Liddell who died in that year. It was then leased to James King. In 1758 the other leading bottle-makers of Newcastle wanted the works closed down, so paid James King £50 a year for the rest of the lease. The bottle house is not listed as working in 1772. A more immediate precedessor of the Tyne Glass Works was the "South Shore Flint Glasshouse" built by Joshua Henzell and partners before 1786. In that year Henzell became bankrupt and in 1788 the glasshouse was offered for sale. Messrs John Barber and John and Francis Banner trading as the Tyne Glass Company took over the "Glasshouse situated near Newcastle" in circa 1795. In 1796 John Barber became bankrupt. The name survived, however, as a directory of 1801 gives the name Shutts and Co, the Tyne Glass Manufactory, Gateshead.




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