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Gateshead, Lordship of Pipewellgate



Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site



Documentary Evidence

Records of the Dean and Chapter of Durham attest to a tract of land along the bank of the Tyne being sold to Thorold of London. The land is described as "his wastes lying westwards from Tyne Bridge to Redheugh" which represents the beginnings of a distinct lordship of Pipewellgate. Thorold’s son cleared land from the waste. 33 acres of land in Gateshead where sold in 1312 to John Gategang. Alan Gategang when he died in 1351 held all the land of Pipewellgate in barony of the bishop, other land and 12 burgages in Gateshead. He is named in a deed dated 1348 as "Lord of Pipewellgate" and seems to have held his own manorial courts, appointing a bailiff, John Scott of Pandon, bailiff of Pipewellgate, who is named in a document of 1349, in addition to Waleran Lumley, bailiff of Gateshead.




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