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Felling, Felling Shore, The Felling Brewery




Brewing and Malting Site


Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

In 1763 a 'commodious brewhouse, held under a yearly rent of five shillings' went on sale at Felling Shore. In 1810 the Felling Brewery (proprietor John Humble) was offered for sale. Brewing and malting was carried out 'on a very large scale' in buildings 'most substantial which cost several thousand pounds'. The site also had a warehouse, a quay on the River Tyne and several fields. Humble failed to find a buyer and so tried to sell sixty £300 shares in the business. In 1811 the brewery was back on the market. Humble died in 1826 aged 68. He was described as 'coal-owner, formerly an attorney in Newcastle and owner of the great brewery at Felling'. Further sales notices appeared in 1816 and 1818, by order of the assignees of William Smith, bankrupt. In 1834 the brewery was in operation as a soda works.




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