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Engraving of the Market Place, South Shields


S Tyneside

South Shields, Market Place

South Shields




Market Place

Post Medieval



Markets in South Shields took place in the street until the 18th century when the planned market square was built. Richardson's plan of South Shields and Westoe shows this development. In the the centre of the market place was a cross (HER 4597) and a Town Hall. In 1766 the Dean and Chapter of Durham agreed to release eight acres of Glebe land for a new market place. In the House of Commons it was stated that South Shields was allowed to hold two Annual Fairs, but the main street was so narrow that a new location of essential. In September 1768 John Wooler, civil engineer, was paid five guineas for drawing a plan of the new market. At the same time, a Mr Harding was paid four guineas for his plan. Construction began immediately. In October 1768 Thomas Duncan was paid £100 towards the cost of building the "Town House", a two storey building open at ground level on three sides, with three moulded arches on Tuscan columns. John Walker's drains were 2 feet wide and 3 feet high. The market place was paved at a cost of £509.13.0d. Iron hand railings were provided. The market opened in July 1770. No details are given as to the designer of the town hall - it could have been Wooler, Harding, George Nicholson (mason/architect to the Dean and Chapter) or Duncan. Records seem to indicate that Nicholson was only paid for measuring and valuing the work. Credit for design should probably be given to Harding or Wooler, with Duncan responsible only for the building work. It is not inconceivable however, that Duncan was only given an outline drawing of the building and that he provided the detailing.




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