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Tyne and Wear HER(4604): Low Fell, Romano-Celtic stone head - Details

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Low Fell, Romano-Celtic stone head

Low Fell


Religion or Ritual

Religious Structural Object




In June 2000, a stone head was found in a garden at Cyprus Gardens, Low Fell, Gateshead. It was inspected at the Museum of Antiquities, Newcastel upon Tyne and by Hedley Swain at the Museum of London. The head does not have classic Celtic or medieval characteristics so could be from any period, although it does have minor similarities with other examples which have been termed Celtic, including one from West Denton near Newcastle. The Celtic head it resembles most is one from Netherby in Cumbria held in Carlisle Museum. Hedley Swain suggested that, although crude, the Low Fell head probably dates to the first millennium BC or first half of the first millennium AD.




<< HER 4604 >> Pers. Comm. L. Allason-Jones, 2000, Museum of Antiquities Pers. Comm. H. Swain, 2000, Museum of London

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