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Kenton Bankfoot, flints

Kenton Bankfoot



Artefact Scatter

Flint Scatter




Approximately 50 pieces of worked flint wsere found in October - December 1978 in soil dumps after surface stripping for new houses. Most were of poor quality, largely split and trimmed pebbles. The better quality flint included a small round scraper of red/brown mottled flint 20 mm in diameter, a large grey blade, trimmed along one edge, and a arrowhead, 22 mm long of approximately transverse type in brown flint. 3 or 4 small cores of circa 30 metres in length were also recovered. The flint has a generally Neolithic appearance. A quantity of black pottery was found in the same field and when the field was stripped, a number of features, dark patches, roughly circular in shape and 0.5 metres to 1 metre across, appeared in the subsoil in the south-west corner. These were not investigated and the site has now been destroyed by housing. The finds remained in the possession of the finder.




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