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Gosforth Park, Tramway/Light Railway




Tramway Transport Site


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Whilst horse racing continues in Gosforth Park, the tram service which once brought people in their thousands to race days has long since disappeared. When the racecourse was set up at Gosforth Park in 1882, there was no direct transport facility. The nearest station was Killingworth, and the tram extended no further than Gosforth High Street 2 miles away. The Gosforth Park Light Railway extended the tramlines to the gates of the Park and later through the park itself. Extra sidings were installed at Killingworth to handle special race trains. The tramway and the Gosforth Park terminus were owned by the Tyneside Tramways and Tramroads Company until 1930. Part of the line of the tramway is still distinguishable, and some bases of tram posts can be found in the undergrowth.




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