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N Tyneside

Tynemouth, Short Sands Cliffs, Tunnel





Documentary Evidence

A tunnel was said to have been discovered in the cliffs overlooking Short Sands, circa 1930, during work by H.M Office of Works. An "embrasure" was apparently seen, formed by two walls, one parallel to the cliff, the other projecting from it. The walls were reportedly 9 feet thick. A tunnel was found to open out in the same place. The tunnel opening was built of "chamfered and dressed stone", measuring 4 feet 9 inches high and 2 feet 9 inches wide. Opposite the tunnel was a "square passageway" which was passable for 6 feet before being blocked by earth. The floor of the "embrasure" was said to be divided into compartments or "cells". Tradition says that a hermit once lived in these caves. William Sidney-Gibson apparently mentioned subterranean passages to the Castle in his book of 1861, and said that they were used in the Civil War to deliver ammunition and provisions. The authenticity and present state of these reported discoveries is not known.




<< HER 4647 >> Shields Daily News, 1930, Wednesday August 27 1930 W. Sidney-Gibson, 1861, Guide to Tynemouth

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