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Tyne and Wear HER(4685): Ouseburn, Lower Steenberg's Yard, Cattle Sanatorium - Details

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Ouseburn, Lower Steenberg's Yard, Cattle Sanatorium



Agriculture and Subsistence

Farm Building

Animal Shed

Early Modern


Demolished Building

The cattle sanatorium buildings were constructed and opened in 1876-77 as temporary quarantine facilities for cattle and sheep imported into Newcastle. The site was sublet in the early 1900s following a decline in live animal imports. By 1941 the site was occupied by an oil works, warehouse and confectionary works, and became derelict in the late 1980s. The cattle sanitorium site comprises of a number of separate buildings. The northernmost structure is a 2-storey warehouse, originally L-shaped in plan with a pitched slate roof. The southernmost building is a 2 storey warehouse with a single storey central area, U-shaped in plan. Part of the Victoria Tunnel was demolished when this building was built against Glass House Bridge and the Ouse Street retaining wall. There is also a large single storey warehouse, with masonry support walls on the north-west side of the site and a small free-standing brick clad warehouse on the south east side. In later years the buildings in Lower Steenberg's Yard were occupied by Maynards Toffee Factory, from which period a tall brick chimney survives. A retaining wall, introduced to transform a sloping site adjacent to the Ouseburn into a relatively flat site suitable for commercial use, forms part of the present western boundary of the site. The wall was constructed in two phases - the earliest being a stone retaining wall dating to the 18th century, 4.8 metres high and 1.3-1.5 metres thick. Part of the wall has a brickwork skin with pier and arch thickenings. A brick sewer, probably built at the same time as the sanatorium, measuring 1200 mm deep and 875 mm wide survives in the middle of the site.




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