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Fulwell village








Documentary Evidence

The earliest documentary reference appears to be 1204, the date of John's confirmation of the possessions of Durham. The vill appears in a rental document of 1345-6 when it contained 7 tofts and 2 cottages; through other documents it is known that in 1347-8 it owed tithes to Wearmouth, in 1369 the tenants were ordered to use Southwick mill, and in 1539-5 and 1580 there is mention of the great barn. Historic maps suggest the village had once taken the form of two rows with a green, but had perhaps shrunk by the late 18th century. It lay on both sides of what is now called Station Road connecting the present Sunderland-Cleadon road on the west with Fulwell Lane (Road) and Dene Lane on the east.




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