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Sunderland, Mowbray extension park, drinking fountain



Water Supply and Drainage


Drinking Fountain

Early Modern



This drinking fountain in the north extension of Mowbray Park at the north end of Central Avenue is dated 1878. It carries the cast-iron founder's plate, ‘Glenfield & Kennedy Ltd., Kilmarnock; for the Order of Oddfellows in memory of William Hall; gift to the Corporation of Sunderland’. A small domed canopy with elaborate foliage and 4 cusped arches on columns shelters a bollard-shaped drinking fountain. Above each arch is a motto - on the north and south: KEEP THE PAVEMENT DRY, and NIL DESPERANDUM AUSPICE DEO 1878, (the borough's motto) with symbols of borough and of Oddfellows. On the east and west: AMICITIA AMOR ET VERITAS 1878. Additionally, on the east, IN MEMORY OF WM HALL PPGM OF THE SUNDERLAND DISTRICT INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODDFELLOWS, and on the west: PRESENTED TO THE CORPORATION OF SUNDERLAND BY THE ODDFELLOWS NU. LISTED GRADE 2




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